The Infinite Void

by Outputmessage

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Join Outputmessage on a journey through space with his latest—and most ambitious—album to date, The Infinite Void.

Lifting off with “Redshift”, an ambient introduction that starts in complete silence and ends in an explosive tidal wave of lush, layered synths, Outputmessage (DC resident Bernard Farley) takes us on a 54-minute odyssey where the quiet moments are just as provocative as the most boisterous. Whereas before Farley opted for upfront, catchy vocals and pop melodies, on The Infinite Void, nuance is the instrument of choice as he attempts to tell the overarching story of man's place in the universe.

Farley challenges genre definitions, creating a sound that sits somewhere between instrumental and vocal electronica, headphone music and club-ready techno. This can be heard on “Goldilocks Zone,” whose title references the exact proximity to a star that is ideal for human life. Floating synth pads, a strumming acoustic guitar, and Farley's wispy vocals lock with a playful bass line; a magically simple combination that may be the grooviest lullaby you've ever heard.

Poetic lyrics merge with adventurous song structures to create an atmosphere that is familiar yet foreign and engrossing yet still. It is as if the album captures the paradox of our universe that is almost entirely empty space, yet filled with such wonder. Perhaps this is best demonstrated on “Minuscule.” At the heart of the album, it has a churning rhythm that slowly gives way to a burst of tribal drums, staccato strings, and a haunting choir arrangement. In fourteen lines of poetry, this song outlines the story of human existence, from the depths of the ocean to the vastness of space. Though quiet and restrained, this is Outputmessage at his most bold and adventurous.

Welcome to The Infinite Void.


released March 25, 2014

Written and produced by Bernard Farley.

Choir synthesizer on “The Infinite Void” by Miguel Lacsamana / Guitar on “Goldilocks Zone” by Miguel Lacsamana / Additional background vocals on “Minuscule” by Erica Lue and Dominic Robinson / Additional background vocals on “Satellites” by Miguel Lacsamana and Erica Lue.

Mixed and mastered by Bernard Farley.

Album artwork and photography by Bernard Farley.



all rights reserved


Outputmessage Washington

Outputmessage is D.C.-based electronic music artist Bernard Farley. A math whiz by day (he devises math content for standardized tests as a test developer), Farley channels his technical mind into his creative work as singer, producer, and DJ. In 2014, he released The Infinite Void, a spacious full-length concept album that explores the cosmos through a story arc of techno, house and pop. ... more

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Track Name: Gravity
You pull us
Toward your center
Track Name: Minuscule
On a speck floating
In the vastness of space
We found ourselves in an ocean

And we swam onto the land
And we found a way to stand
And we raised our gazes high
And we tried to understand

We used our minds
To craft a power
To lift ourselves into the sky

In the night we found a way
In the sky we saw a way
In the light we made a way
In the night we found our way
Track Name: Core
In a billion different places
In a billion different spaces
We're searching for
Your core
Track Name: Satellites
Our origin
A burst of light

In time and space
We coast forward
In the darkness
We find our place
Waves abound
Rotating around

We find our fate
We grow closer
In the arc of time
We leave our trace
Waves abound
Rotating around